Sunday, October 11, 2009

Peculiar Pout

Today is Sunday, meaning I finally had a chance to flip through the Nylon magazine that arrived earlier this week and has been tantalizing me from my desk for days. I flipped open to the back of the magazine first to see the editorial shoots, and found myself staring at a pair of giant, two-toned lips, planted next to the words, “The Next Big Thing.” Now I’m not sure these lips are going to be seen on women at the grocery store anytime soon, but I do think it is interesting to look at makeup from a design perspective. The look (by M.A.C.): an orange on the top lip, a bright pink on the bottom lip, and everything else naked. Well, except for the Ungaro designs the look was created for, of course. It’s a modern take on 80’s pink lips, and while not typically flattering, using a dark color on top against the brighter color on bottom gives the highly desired luscious lower lip effect. The look is definitely well designed with the stand-out lips set against a neutral background. And it is a complement to the line, which is marked by punchy pinks and blues mixed with blacks and greys-more of the modern 80s.
(picture courtesy of Nylon Magazine)

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