Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Trust Me

What do you do when a creative block hits? This is a classic dilemma that happens to the best of us at the most inconvenient times. For designers, this can be especially detrimental when a deadline is fast approaching and a prototype must be made for a client. Often it can spark our creativity to look at other’s work for inspiration. Sometimes when we are stuck on a design problem, it helps to see how others have solved their own design problems. Recently, I discovered a new forum for designers: “Design You Trust.” This is an open source website where anyone can upload images or videos of their favorite designs to show the world. The result is a social media tool that connects people with varying styles of design. There is everything, from T-shirt prints to illustrations to advertisements to store layouts to website designs to furniture. I even found a dynamic video about how to make a keyboard-playing cat out of paper. You can sort through conveniently categorized backlogs of postings to view thousands of designs and hopefully derive some inspiration from them. You can even connect with other designers by commenting on their work. It is social media such as this website that is opening the world to all designers, so that everyone’s creativity can be seen.
(Picture: Catacaos Chair by Otero, courtesy of Design You Trust)

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