Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Prince of Prints

The infamous Pucci and Missoni clothing houses are best known for one thing: pattern. Pattern is the predictable repetition of an element in an image. It is used to add texture and visual interest to an image. In design, pattern is an easy way to make a simple shape more dynamic. Pucci has designed simple beach-friendly clothes since the 1950’s, continually innovated by using variations on the house’s signature swirled, kaleidoscope patterns. These orange, blue, pink, and green patterns create a visual texture that granted the founder, Emilio Pucci, the title “prince of prints.”
The house of Missoni has also used their signature zigzag weaves to update simple knits. Their geometric prints not only have visual texture, but because of the knit fabric they are made in, have
tactile texture as well. Their patterns appeal to our basic love of texture, so it is almost an impulse to want to feel Missoni’s pieces. I remember walking through a department store and finding a beautiful Missoni knit zigzag shirt and instinctively reaching out to feel the texture that I could see in the pattern.
These two fashion houses have inspired so many others to invest in patterns as a way to enhance almost any design. Their inspiration does not only extend to fashion, but to art, interior design, and even food styling! Next time you shop, make sure to look out for patterns inspired by Pucci and Missoni, for these kinds of designs can be found almost anywhere in our society.
(Pictures courtesy of Fashion Models and Modeling Jobs and The Sartorialist, respectively)

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